Omar González a Backend Developer From Mexico

About Me


I'm Omar González
Senior Backend Developer

Working as a developer I found my passion for creating quality software and making ideas come to live. I am always eager to learn new technologies and improving how I work and interact with my colleagues.

I got my first job as a developer in 2010, since then I been working on multiple type of projects and industries. When I started my career, I worked as a web developer with PHP, but after a few years I wanted more of my software, so I found another job as a Python full stack developer. After another couple of years, loving working with python, I decided to change my career path to backend developer, leaving behind my skills as a front end developer but always remembering my experience.

My experience in years

Programer 10 years
Python 7 years
Javascript 4 years


Spanish Native
English Fluent


My Work Experience


2016 - Present

Suggestic - Senior Backend Developer

Suggestic.com: iOS app that makes food medicine by helping you find and follow a precise eating plan for health optimization, weight loss or chronic disease reversal.


  • - Design and implement subscription system for premium users.
  • - Work hand-on-hand with AI Team to bring their magic to out users.

Technology stack:

  • - Python/ Django REST
  • - GraphQL
  • - Kubernetes
  • - Elasticsearch
  • - Postgresqls
2014 - 2016

Sillymatter - Co-founder / Lead Developer

Sillymatter.com: Digital marketing consulting agency.

Highlight project-

  • - Mi Natura- Keep track of Natura consultants development (natura.com.mx)

Technology stack:

  • - Python/ Django REST
  • - PSQL
  • - DigitalOcean VPN, Heroku
2014 - 2015

IOrganizacional - Lead Developer

IOrganizacional: Software development company focused on projects for Mexico`s judicial system.

Assisted with recruitment and training of new employees, while also monitoring the productivity of current employees.


  • - Design and lead the development of two mayor projects for the state of Jucatan and Falisco

Technology stack:

  • - Python/ Django REST
  • - AngularFS
  • - Heroku, install-on-site
Feb 2014 - Oct 2014

Ironbit - Lead Developer

Ironbit.mx: Software development company.


  • - Develop a web based music player for bushinessa
  • - Maintain and upgrade legacy code
  • - Add geo/location functionality to project

Technology stack:

  • - Python/ Django REST
  • - AngularFS
2013 - 2014

Cepdi - Python Full Stack / Lead Developer

Cepdi.mx: Part of a group of company with permission for the government to make of cial digital invoices to MexicoYs treasury.


  • - Design and implement new invoice system for Grupo Angeles Hospitales
  • - Make the foundation for the web app for client to manage there invoices

Technology stack:

  • - Django & Django REST
  • - GraphQL
  • - Dedicated Server
2011 - 2013

Happeningnm - PHP Full Stack Developer

happeningnm.com: Marketing consulting company.


  • - Animate products tree in JS
  • - Develop the main company pag

Technology stack:

  • - PHP, CakePHP < 1.5
  • - JQuery, JS
  • - Shared Hosting


2009 - 2014

Bachelor Degree: Computer Systems and Administration

Universidad del Valle de Mèxico, Mexico City



Bad APIs are easy to make, my years of experience can help a void common issues or I can help give support to a legacy API. Django has been my best friend building awsome APIs, so you know I have the best company.

Software Development

As Python as my main programing language, a creative and versatile way to solve problems I can help you make come true your wildes software ideas, from a backend, to a web scraper.

Data Processing

Stop wasting time with work that a computer can make faster and easier. I can help change how you work so you can forget that painfull and repetitive tasks.

CI Development

I can help you integrate your software pipeline to most services and leave it running smooth.

Scrum Master

Good knowledge on the agile methodology can really help a team become its best version.


Having code issues or your old software is giving you problems? I can help you that! A fresh pair of eye and a new perspective on a problem can really help out.

Contact Me

Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.

+55 2350 5448